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January 2021
✅ New alignment for account settings
Some customers were confused with the various delivery settings in their eversign account. Over the past few years, we always added new options based on our key-customer needs and general feedback from support. Until now there was a mixture of opt-in and opt-out checkboxes, we decided to make them all opt-out, as the majority of eversign customers have all settings enabled.
With the new user interface, the default settings look like the screenshot highlighted in green.
December 2020
📖 guide for bounced emails
Based on the feature we introduced last month, as well as the support cases we had over the last years we created a guide which should cover most of the reasons why an e-mail can bounce.
(click on image to open the guide)
November 2020
📧 new handling of e-mail bounces
Until now eversign showed you only that an email has bounced, but with this new feature, we expose the particular reason why this happened as well as the raw SMTP error log so that you can debug any error on your end immediately. For example, if a signer has a full inbox.
October 2020
🚀 improved file upload and document editor
Our backend engineers deployed a performance upgrade to our conversion workers (the part of eversign which is processing your uploaded files) which should give you an improved runtime when uploading documents up to 200% (documents with more than 10 pages benefit more). This also speeds up the document creation process on the API, one of our customers reported it takes only one-third of the time than before with this new code.
September 2020
⚠ Upload warning on file extensions
We analyzed 100.000 files uploaded to eversign and found out that around 80% are PDF and image files ➡ that deliver by far the best results with eversign. 

The remaining 20% consists mostly of Microsoft Office file extensions (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) but also Open Office file, as well as files with a missing extension. Together with our support team, we found out that most of our support requests regarding the document editor are because of non-PDF files. One of the main reasons for this is because it's difficult to open a Microsoft Office file on a Linux server, on which eversign is running.
This means there's a correlation between the file you upload and the chance that you need help from our customer service, that's why we decided to give you a hint when uploading such files.
August 2020
🚀 New Help-Center launched
More than 3 years after the initial launch of eversign we decided to introduce a completely new designed Help-Center, which is powered by our Zendesk CRM. Before it was part of the official website, now this page is under the control of our customer service team, which will regularly update its content and keep you up-to-date on what's happening at eversign!
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