🆕 Bulk Sending 🆕

The long-anticipated feature is finally here - bulk sending is now available for all eversign customers! 

In this article, we will explain what it is, how it works and the current limitations you need to be aware of. 

What is Bulk Sending? 

The Bulk Sending feature is intended for sending a large number of documents from templates. Document templates are a well-known component in eversign. However, sometimes we want to use one template to generate many documents simultaneously (the bulk of documents).

Bulk sending process is already implemented in eversign UI. 

How to use Bulk Sending? 

In order to use the Bulk sending feature, you need to already have an existing template. 

  1. Open your existing template
  2. Click on the Actions menu in the top right corner and select 'Send template in Bulk'

  3. On the following screen, you can a) click on 'Download the CSV' template or b)'Skip' this step

  4. If you are using the eversign template, you can populate the information as shown in the below example
    (Don't forget to save the .csv file)

  5. Once the document is ready for upload, select 'Choose Files' and upload your document into eversign
  6. If everything looks good, you will receive a confirmation and you can select 'Confirm 
  7. Select "Send to X Signers" and once confirmed you will see the following confirmation message
  8. All set, your documents have been sent

What else is important to know!

  •  You can only send a maximum of 250 documents per bulk request
  •  Currently, Bulk Sending supports populating signer name and signer email fields, but we plan on extending these functionalities in the future


The Bulk Sending feature is used to generate lots of documents. All of these documents are counted against your API quota. As the probability increases for your quota to be used up, we have created an option that allows you to enable Overage Billing in your eversign account. You can find all information about it in the following article --> Overage Billing

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