Migrate from PayPal to Credit Card Payment


Sunset of PayPal for Xodo Sign

Xodo Sign does not officially support PayPal anymore, since January 2021. It is not possible anymore to add new PayPal accounts as a payment method.

We allowed you to further use PayPal until now, but some fundamental changes at one of our service providers, which is helping us to handle the payments, is forcing us to take this step.

Therefore we are kindly asking you to switch to credit card payments from May 2022 onwards.

Please follow the steps:

  1. Xodo Sign is not able to cancel the subscription on your behalf, also cancelling the subscription from your Xodo Sign account does not take effect, you need to solve this in your own PayPal wallet.
    • In order to prevent any additional payment, please make sure to cancel any remaining subscriptions in your PayPal account.
    • 👉 Here's how to
  2. As soon as this is done, please go to your Xodo Sign account and add a new credit card to the billing page.


  3. After that, you can remove PayPal from your payment methods.
    (Please note, as mentioned before, this is only a cosmetic change)

Feel free to contact us below if you have any questions about this process.

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