Currently under development (25.01.2020)

The eversign Salesforce is not published yet, but we are already providing the necessary documentation to set it up in case your organization is planning to use it.

The Salesforce integration enables you to connect your Salesforce account with eversign businesses. This way, you can create, modify and handle document signatures from within your Salesforce processes.

We made a detailed technical documentation on how to:

  • Install, configure and provision eversign package from within the Salesforce
  • How to add the eversign functionality to standard Salesforce objects
  • How to create and send documents for signature in Salesforce using eversign
  • How to create an eversign template in Salesforce
  • How to track eversign documents within Salesforce
  • How to use eversign functionality within custom Salesforce objects
  • How to create and add the "Use eversign" button to the Page Layout for custom objects
  • How to add a related list of eversign records on the custom object page layout

You can find the latest version of our documentation here.

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