💡 Why You Should Use PDF Files

In this post, we will provide a guide on how to save or convert your document to PDF format for several of the most popular text editors today.

What is PDF?

PDF stands for Portable Document Format, and it is used for saving and sharing documents. The advantage of using PDF is that your documents will look the same on any device, regardless of who is opening it. The PDF standard maintains the layout of your document 100% true to its intended form.

How does it relate to Xodo Sign?

We are proud to say that Xodo Sign supports a broad range of formats and standards for documents and files.

Sometimes, however, due to unsupported fonts or other differences, your uploaded Xodo Sign document may not look exactly the way it was intended to look like.
That’s where PDF comes in. PDF ensures that your formatting and design will be 100% preserved and that your document will look exactly as planned.

We recommend using PDF not only for your Xodo Sign document uploads but in general for any kind of document sharing.

Office 2010 and newer Office 2007 and older Google Docs
  1. Open your document
  2. Click on File
  3. Click on Export
  4. Select Create PDF/XPS Document
  5. Click on Create PDF/XPS


⚠ Upload warning on file extensions

(added September 2020)
We analyzed 100.000 files uploaded to Xodo Sign and found out that around 80% are PDF and image files ➡ that deliver by far the best results with Xodo Sign. 

The remaining 20% consists mostly of Microsoft Office file extensions (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) but also Open Office file, as well as files with a missing extension. Together with our support team, we found out that most of our support requests regarding the document editor are because of non-PDF files. One of the main reasons for this is because it's difficult to open a Microsoft Office file on a Linux server, on which Xodo Sign is running.
This means there's a correlation between the file you upload and the chance that you need help from our customer service, that's why we decided to give you a hint when uploading such files.
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