Understanding Team Member Permissions

In this article, we will explain more in-depth the team member permissions for each role in eversign. 


These permissions only apply to assigned Businesses for each user. Every user has their own standalone account and acts as the Account Owner for that account.

Description Super-Admin Manager Staff Read-only
User Settings:
General settings of Date & Time and Notifications for the individual user
Add and edit own signatures

Account information:
View and edit account details, address & company details, delete eversign account

Manage billing information, download and view subscription invoices ( Account owners only )
Subscription page:
Manage eversign subscription ( Account owners only )
Create Documents
View all documents in Business
Download Documents as PDF
View Document Audit trail
Send reminders
Create copy
Edit document
Cancel document
Only own documents
Can view and manage own documents
View Only
Templates & Template Links
Create & Use Templates
Create & Use Template Links
View all Templates 
Use and edit templates
Delete templates
View Contacts of the Business
Edit Contacts
Archive & Delete Contacts
Archive only
Invite Team members
Assign Team member permission
Deactivate team member
Recover documents from Trash Only own documents
Delete permanently
Business Settings
Change business name
General Preferences
Delivery Preferences
Expiration & Reminders

¹ While creating templates, you can select in the checkbox if the template will be visible to Staff members or not - meaning staff members can only view global templates 

² Staff members can only edit templates they have created

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