Why Are Some E-Mails Not Delivered?

This article explains why it can happen that some documents and/or notifications are not delivered to the specified recipient.

E-Mail receipt status

eversign is using Mailchimp for transactional e-mails, they distinguish between 5 statuses of e-mail (3 for undeliverable) and also use a rejection list to manage the sheer amount of e-mails requested every day.

Delivered or Spam

🟒 delivered 🟑 spam
  • The e-mail got delivered successfully (SMTP has a delivery confirmation) but it isn't visible in the inbox.

Bounced or Rejected

🟑 soft-bounce πŸ”΄ hard-bounce ⚫ rejection
  • The e-Mail address or server exists/is reachable, but our attempt to send a message got rejected.

πŸ‘‰ as soon this happens, the e-mail address gets added to the 🏴 rejection list for the next 24h and you won't receive anything from eversign.

Most common reasons why an E-Mail isn't visible / receipt

Below you can find a brief explanation of the most common cases:

🟒 Marked as spam
It can happen that e-mails from eversign are flagged as spam. You can simply retrieve it from your spam/junk folder.
🟒 E-Mail quarantined
Some mailboxes have also so-called "quarantined" e-mails, it blocks incoming messages on a higher level than your inbox and therefore you or an administrator needs to allow it. The reasons for this can vary in every case, but it already happened when you sent a contract to 10+ persons of the same company, then their email server can think it's a spam attack. Here's an example of how it works with Office 365.
🟑 Full inbox
Many e-mail servers have a default inbox size of 1GB, our attempt to send a notification is blocked because the inbox is full.
🟑 Attachment too big
Many e-mail servers have a default limit of 20MB, our attempt to send the completed document is blocked.
🟑 External e-mail to a group
Many e-mail servers do not allow external messages to a group by default. Here's how to fix it for Gsuite.
🟑 Use of Mimecast or other e-mail security platform


The sending mail server is subjected to Greylisting.
These reputation checks can be bypassed with an Auto AllowΒ orΒ Permitted SendersΒ policy. If it's legitimate traffic, amend your Greylisting policy. reputation checks can be bypassed with an Auto Allow or Permitted Senders policy. If it's legitimate traffic, amend your Greylisting policy.

All other Mimecast topics are here.

πŸ”΄ E-Mail does not exist
The e-mail does not exist, either because it's a typo or there's an unknown error with your server.
πŸ”΄ E-Mail server not available
Your e-mail server was down / was not available to receive messages.
πŸ”΄ Marked as spam
You marked any previous eversign e-mail as spam.
πŸ”΄ Bad actor
You are blocked by our transactional e-mail provider because your email got reported within their network by someone else.

πŸ†• 13th November 2020

eversign exposes now the bounce details on document level in your account.

πŸ’‘ In this scenario, there was a wrong email address used, which domain does not exist.

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