Templates and Template Links

There are two template types you can choose from Template and Template Link:


A standard template offers exactly what you would expect from a template document. Upload a document file, define roles (or even pre-fill them), place signature fields and then use the same document over and over for as many different real signers as you prefer.

Template Links
A Template Link is somewhat different in its functionalities. Template Links can only contain one signer at a time and come with a link that can be delivered by email. Anyone clicking this link and entering their name and email address will be able to sign the document behind your Template Link. This type of template is ideal for waivers or Non-Disclosure Agreements.

💡How to use Template Links

A great and commonly practiced use case for Template Links is having clients sign registration forms directly at your store or counter. In order for this to work, we've created a feature called In-Person Signing, which enables you to have signers sign your template document directly on your device without the need of email address verification. Click here to learn more about In-Person Signing

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