Overage Billing

Our current subscription plans allow you a certain amount of monthly API documents, however, in certain situations this might not be enough for you. For this reason, we have created an option to allow you to enable/disable Overage Billing for your account.

How to enable 'Overage Billing' on my eversign account? 

You can enable/disable ' Overage Billing ' by going to ' Billing ' -- ' Overage Billing ' -- ' Enable overage billing for this account '

What is the cost per additional API document?

The overage price per API document is 1.25$ in any of our Standard Platform Plans.

Important Information

  • Free Subscriptions can not have Overage Billing enabled.
  • Trial Subscriptions can not have Overage Billing enabled.
  • Paid Subscriptions have Overage Billing disabled by default
  • Paid Subscriptions with already Overage Billing enabled will keep it enabled
  • Only the Account Owner can enable Overage Billing
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