Business Branding

Your eversign account and outgoing email can be adjusted to fit your company's branding. Navigate to Business Settings > Branding in order to adjust the following branding settings:

  • Icon: This will primarily be used within your control panel. You will also notice that your icon appears on embedded signing pages, e.g. the In-Person Signing page where signers are asked to enter their name and email address in order to be allowed to sign a document in-person.
  • Logo: Your logo will be used primarily in your control panel and in log-in screens.

  • Email Logo: Your email logo will be used for the header section of outgoing emails.

  • Colors: On the Colors page you will be able to adjust the colors of your eversign control panel. The "Primary Button Color" is the color of the public "Sign" button displayed when signers are signing one of your documents.
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