Embedded Requesting Demo

Do you want to save time and have document sending without visiting eversign.com?

Embedded Requesting makes this possible for you as you can embed document preparation and fill out your defined templates within your web application. It eliminates the extra step for your employees of opening eversign in a separate tab or window during the signing process. 

Setting up Embedded Requesting will enable you to have part of eversign's user interface in your web app using an iFrame. All you need is your API Access Key, a server-side signature request, and our JavaScript library for the client side.  

  How can I use that?

When creating a new document or creating a document from a template, please ensure the embedded_signing_enabled and is_draft parameter are set to 1 in your API request. Only then your new document will be eligible for Embedded Requesting.

If the document you would like to embed has not been created yet, you will be required to either create a new document (Create Document) or create a document from a template (Use Template).

This is a simple demo of the embedded requesting feature, please click on the button to generate a test document to prepare for 2 signers. If you want to set it up yourself, please check out the API documentation.

In case you want to see the eversign e-mails of this sample document, you can retrieve it at trash-mail under eversign@trash-mail.com

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