API Frequently Asked Questions

This article summarizes and answers some of the most commonly asked questions regarding the Xodo Sign API. If you cannot find your answer here, please also check out other articles available in the Developer section here

Q: Is there a sandbox (testing) mode?

A: Yes, you have unlimited sandbox mode usage with all accounts 👉 Sandbox Mode.
In order to send a test document, you will need to set the following parameter in your API request:

"sandbox": 1,
Q: How can I reset my API key? 

A: To reset your API access key, simply navigate to the top-left dropdown menu and select the Developer tab. Once you access the API Dashboard, you will see the "Reset Access Key" button, and by clicking it, you will perform the reset action, after which you will receive a confirmation. 

For more information regarding your access key, see the following link 👉API Access Key

Q: How do I set up embedded signing?

A: You will need to set the following parameter in your POST request:

"embedded_signing_enabled": 1,

This will return an "embedded_signing_url" which can then be passed to your iFrame: https://eversign.com/api/documentation/embedded-signing#server-side

Q: How to use a document created via UI for embedded signing?

A: You cannot embed a document to your website using the Xodo Sign user interface. However, you can use the UI to create the document and then use a GET document API call to retrieve the correct body for your new document request. 

Q: Is there a way to pre-populate a signature via the API?

A: You cannot pre-populate a signature via the API because it would not be possible to validate the origin of the signature and confirm the intent to sign, which is an essential part of having a legally binding signature.

Q: What does the message "E-Mail Validation waived by account owner” at the bottom of the document mean?

A: This message is shown due to having an enabled "embedded_signing_enabled" setting in the Zap. You will need to disable this setting if you do not want the email validation waived, but this also means you will not be able to get the "embedded_signing_url." 

Q: Can I change the name and email of the sender?

A: Yes, you are able to amend or pass a variable to the custom requester parameters with your POST API request:

  "custom_requester_name": "",
  "custom_requester_email": "",
Q: Embedded requesting not returning embedded_claim_url?

A: Please ensure that you have set:

"is_draft": 1,
Q: Prohibited API client ID when creating a document?

A: You will need to ensure you have set the "client": "", sure parameter or removed it from your API request. It cannot be set as “api_sandbox” or “eversign_portal”

Q: Why are my emails not being sent when I enable flexible signing?

A: By default, flexible_signing is off, and emails will be delivered. If you enable flexible_signing = 1, emails will no longer be sent out by default (deliver_email = 0). The solution is to explicitly state deliver_email = 1 for each signer in your API call.

Q: What is the template ID?

A: The template ID is the same as the template’s document hash. When using a template, the document created will have its own document hash, but the template ID can then be traced back to the original template

Q: How can I check a document's status via API?

A: There are two methods that you can use to check a document's status via the API.  

  1. You can introduce webhooks to your workflow. These will give you up to date events relating to your document_hash - https://eversign.com/api/documentation/webhooks#account-callbacks
  2. You can use a GET document request using the document_hash and retrieve the status from the response body - https://eversign.com/api/documentation/methods#get-document-template
Q: Why are my hidden tags not placing fields on the PDF?

A: You will need to make sure you have enabled hidden tags within your Business Settings > General Preferences

Q: What happens if I reach my API requests monthly limit, are there any overages?

A: In case you do reach your API requests limit and still require more requests before the end of the month, you can simply enable the Overage Billing for your account. An overage invoice will be generated separately at the beginning of a new month. 

Q: Is it possible to carry over the unused API requests to the next month?

A: No, it is not possible to carry over the API requests which remained unused. Each month the quota counter resets. 

Q: Are documents signed with Xodo Sign API legally binding?

A: Yes. Documents sent and signed via the Xodo Sign API are legally binding.
For more information on e-signature legality, please check out the following article 👉Is Xodo Sign Legally Binding?

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