Frequently Asked Questions

This article summarizes and answers some of the most commonly asked questions (FAQs) when it comes to using Xodo Sign and the availability of certain features. 

Q: What is a Workspace URL?

A: The Workspace URL is simply your documents subdomain used for your login purposes.
Example: If your business is called "ABC, Inc.", a fitting subdomain would be "" You can choose any available Workspace URL you like. Additionally, the Workspace URL will also form the address link to which your documents will be attached. It can also be your name.

Q: How can I change my Workspace URL?

A: Please note that changing your Workspace URL is not possible because the documents are permanently tied to the business and the URL they were created with. Documents cannot take on a different URL.

If you still require a new Workspace URL, we suggest adding a new business to your account 👉 Add Business

Q: How can I change my default signature?

A: If you want to change your default signature, you will first need to add a new signature by going to the "Signatures" tab from the dropdown menu and then clicking the "Add New" (Signature) button in the upper right corner.

After a second signature is added, you will be able to select the default signature and delete the other one if required.

Q: How can I transfer ownership of the account?

A:  To change the owner of the account, it is required to be logged in as the account owner. Once you are logged in, just navigate to the "Account" section, change the email address, and save changes.

Please note that it will not be possible to replace the email address if the email is already in use for another Xodo Sign account. 

Q: Is there a way to group users so that a specific team member can only see the documents sent by users within their group?

A: If you wish to separate departments within your company, you can Add a new business. This way, you would have two (or multiple) separate businesses under the same account. Team members from the first business would not be able to access documents of the second business, and the other way around. Adding a business does not produce any additional costs, but what is important to note is that you will have to invite the team members separately to each business.
If you do not want to separate the departments, you can also assign a 'Staff' role to a certain user. Staff team members can only access the documents assigned or sent by them:
👉 Understanding Team Member Permissions
In any case, keep in mind that the account owner has access to all documents (and all businesses, of course). It is not possible to limit the access of the account owner.

Q: Is it possible to complete a document if not all signers have signed the document?

A: Yes, there is a way to complete a document, even in cases where not all signers have signed it. First, you need to navigate to the document in question and select "Edit" from the "Actions" menu. Once that is done, please disable the "Require all signers to sign to complete the document" setting and save the changes. And the last thing you will need to do is manually remove the signers who haven't signed the document. After that, the document should automatically get completed.

Q: My template has disappeared. Why I cannot find the template in my dashboard?

A: In case you were editing the template and did not Save it after having made some changes to it, then the template is probably visible in the "Draft" section. Once you save the changes, the template should be visible as Active again.

Q: How can I edit a page in a template that has already been prepared and keep the set fields in place?

A: When editing the template, there is a Re-upload file button (marked in the screenshot below) which allows you to change the underlying document and keep the fields as they are.

It is important to note that this will only work for minor changes to the document. If you are replacing the underlying PDF file, then the page numbers will need to be the same. However, if the layout of the document is completely changed, the fields will not be set up in the correct places.

Q: Is there a possibility of splitting accounts or businesses in Xodo Sign?

A: No, there is no possibility to split either an account or the business in order to create a new account/business. As already mentioned, the documents are permanently tied to the business and the URL they were created with. Documents cannot take on a different URL, and therefore, they cannot be split into a different business or transferred to another account. 

Q: How can I import team members or contacts to Xodo Sign?

A: Unfortunately, Xodo Sign does not offer this functionality at the moment. If there are any changes to this we will make sure to update our documentation. 

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