Invite Team Members

Each of your Xodo Sign businesses can hold individual team members. In order to invite a team member, navigate to the Team page (using the lefthand "Team" button) and click the top right "New Team Member" button. On the New Team Member page you will be able to enter your team member's email address and assign them a role:

  • Super Admin: Comes with all business-level permissions, except for deleting the business. Business Super Admins cannot make any changes to your Xodo Sign account, only to your business.
  • Manager: Managers can view, create, edit, delete and use all business documents and templates, and cancel ongoing documents.
  • Staff: Staff members can create, edit, and cancel their own documents. They can also use global templates
  • Read-Only: Read-Only members can view all business documents and templates.

If you would like to learn more about Team member permissions please check this article: Understanding Team Member Perimissions

After your team member has been saved an invitation email carrying log-in instructions will be sent to their email address on file.

💡 Team members per business

Please note that team members cannot be added to multiple businesses at once. If you are looking to give a team member access to multiple businesses, you will be required to invite them once from each of your businesses. A team member who can access two of your businesses will occupy 2 open spots on your account's number of available team members.

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