Signer PIN - Documents

As an additional safeguard ensuring the authenticity of your signers you can assign each signer a PIN, which they are required to enter before being able to start signing your document.

In order to add a PIN please follow the below instructions: 

1. Once you add your contacts simply click on the Signer Pin symbol as shown below: 

2. A new pop-up will open and you can enter your Signer PIN here: 

3. Once you add and save the PIN you can continue preparing the document. 

Here is a quick summary of how to set up a Signer PIN for your signers in video format:

Editing the PIN

In case you need to change the PIN that is set for a specific document follow the below steps: 

1. Select the document and from the Actions menu select > Edit & Resent


2. Select Proceed

3. Select the Singer PIN field (shown in green) and edit or remove the PIN: 


4. Proceed with sending out the document again


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