Signer Authentication via SMS

Signer Authentication via SMS is an option you can set for each signer of a document, requiring them to unlock a document via an SMS code they receive to their mobile phone.

Signer Authentication via SMS is enabled for 228 area codes. A large percentage of countries is supported.

You can use this feature if your business case requires a higher threshold to prove the identity of your signers with a second factor or in case you want to simply make the signing process more secure.

What are the costs?

Every paid subscription has a minimum of 10 Authenticated Signers via SMS included. If you are currently using Xodo Sign for free or have a test account, you have 2 SMS credits per month included. You can see this on the pricing overview on our website or in the subscription overview in your Xodo Sign account.

  SMS overage

Since this feature creates additional costs on our end (sending SMS worldwide), we charge a small fee of 0.25$ for each signer where you enable it.
This happens as soon you exceeded the quota of your subscription plan. (e.g. 10/10).

The consumed SMS will be billed at the beginning of the next month on a separate invoice.

How to use Signer Authentication via SMS

Document creator (you)

  1. Create a new document.
  2. Click on the Enable button next to the "Signer authentication disabled" prompt.

  3. You will get prompted to enter the phone number of your client.
    (If you have a stored contact with a phone number, we will automatically populate the field for you)
    Select the country of origin and then enter the local part of the phone number.

    Click on Activate to close the pop-up.
  4. Signer Authentication via SMS is now enabled.

  5. Finalize the document.
    Continue to add signers, CCs, and other options on the page.
    Afterward, prepare the document as usual and send it out.


Document signer (your client)

  1. The signer receives the document for signature via e-mail.
  2. After opening the document, the interface is blurred, and access is restricted.
    (as you may already know from the Signer PIN feature).

  3. Now there are 3 steps required for the signer to verify himself and unlock the document.
    • Click on the button below

    • An SMS text message is received shortly after. (typical delay is 5-10 seconds)
    • Enter the code on Xodo Sign and authenticate yourself.

  4. If they entered the correct code, the signer authenticated himself and can proceed with signing the document.

How can I enable this for my business?

The good news is this is enabled by default for every Xodo Sign business, including free accounts. Note that, at the moment, this feature is not available for Template Links.


If you do not want to use this feature, you can disable it in the business settings.
Business SettingsSigning PreferencesDisallow overage billing for Signer Authentication via SMS

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