Changing the underlying file in a template

There are various scenarios where you might need to change the underlying file of the existing template and keep the fields as they are. In case you want to preserve the fields you already placed and set up, but need to upload an updated version of your document, a Re-upload file feature will help you achieve exactly that. 

Upon entering the template editing interface, you will see your existing file and, from there, you can click on the "Re-upload file" button (as highlighted in the screenshot below), next to the document's title. After that, simply select the file which will replace the existing one  -  and you should receive a message informing you that you have successfully re-uploaded the document file.

It is important to note that this feature is ideally suited for minor adjustments to the original document file, maintaining the page count. For instance, if you have improved a contract's terms or updated contact details. However, if the document layout is completely changed, fields might no longer align as anticipated, and you will need to re-adjust them. 

Incorporating the Re-upload file feature into your template management strategy offers a seamless approach to adjusting content while safeguarding the established layout. By embracing this functionality, you unlock a practical method to elevate your document management practices and refine your approach to document editing.

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