Troubleshooting Device Verifications Issues

Device verification plays an important role in safeguarding your Xodo Sign account from unauthorized access. However, occasionally, you may experience issues during the verification process such as encountering an error "Device verification unsuccessful", or not receiving the verification code email. Below we provide you with troubleshooting tips to overcome common challenges and ensure a seamless device verification experience.

🔢 Be Mindful of Code Regeneration
Resending a device verification code is a useful feature when experiencing delays or issues with the initial email delivery. However, it's important to note that each time you request a code, a new email with a new verification code will be sent. Consequently, any previously generated codes will no longer be valid. To avoid confusion, keep track of how many times you have requested device verification and ensure you are using the most recent code received. If you are entering an invalid verification code, the error message "Device verification unsuccessful" should indicate the problem.
🗑 Check Spam, Junk, and Quarantine Folders

If you haven't received a device verification email within 1-2 minutes of requesting it, there's a possibility that it may have been filtered into your spam, junk, or quarantine folders. Email providers like Gmail and Outlook often utilize such filters to protect users from potential threats, however, often times it can happen that a valid email is filtered out - it is a good practice to check these folders as well!

If you are using Outlook or Gmail as an email provider please see the link below for instructions regarding the quarantine folder:
👉 Outlook
👉 Gmail

Please note that accessing the quarantine folder might require administrative privileges or permissions, depending on your account settings.

📜 Suppression List Issues

In the event that you cannot locate any emails from in your inbox, it is possible that the email bounced due to your email address being on the suppression list. The suppression list is designed to prevent certain email addresses from receiving emails, often due to previous issues or concerns. To resolve this matter, please contact our support team, who will be happy to assist you further in resolving the problem.

Device verification is a mandatory security measure to protect your Xodo Sign account from unauthorized access. By following the troubleshooting tips provided in this article, you can overcome common issues encountered during the device verification process.

In case you would like to read more about this feature and explore the step-by-step instructions for a successful verification process, we recommend reading our article: "Device Verification - Preventing Unauthorized Access to Your Xodo Sign Account."
This resource will provide you with additional insights and detailed instructions to ensure a secure and seamless authentication experience.

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