Manage Contacts

Your Xodo Sign account comes with fully-featured contact management. Each signer can be automatically saved as a contact and added to future signings quickly using the autocomplete suggestions that pop up when entering a signer's name or email address.

Add Contact

Contacts can be added manually using the Contacts page or in the course of setting up a document: Adding contacts manually: In order to add contacts the standard way, simply navigate to your Contacts list and click the top right "New Contact" button. On the New Contact page, you will see a series of inputs, of which only the "First Name" and the "Email Address" fields are required. Adding contacts during document creation: When setting up a new document or using a template, you will find a "Save Contacts" checkbox at the bottom of your recipient's box. Check this checkbox in order to save these contacts in your Contacts list. Duplicates are skipped automatically.

Edit Contact
A contact can be edited easily by looking it up in your Contacts list and clicking the righthand "Edit" button. Please note that contacts always must carry at least a first name and an email address.
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