Overage Billing

ℹ️ Important Notice (March 2024)

We are working on updating this functionality, and at the moment it is not possible to turn on Overage Billing in your settings. If you want to have Overage Billing enabled for your account, you can contact our Support (support@eversign.com) and Sales (sales@eversign.com) teams. 

For any accounts that have Overage Billing already enabled, it is still possible to disable it within the Billing settings if needed. 

Our current subscription plans allow you a certain amount of monthly API documents, however, in certain situations, this might not be enough for you. For this reason, we have created an option to allow you to enable Overage Billing for your account.

How to enable 'Overage Billing' on my Xodo Sign account? 

You can enable/disable ' Overage Billing ' by going to ' Billing ' -- ' Overage Billing ' -- ' Enable overage billing for this account '

What is the cost per additional API document?

The overage price per API document is $1.50 in any of our Standard Platform Plans.

Important Information

  • Free Subscriptions can not have Overage Billing enabled.
  • Trial Subscriptions can not have Overage Billing enabled.
  • Paid Subscriptions have Overage Billing disabled by default.
  • Paid Subscriptions with already enabled Overage Billing will keep it enabled.
  • Only the Account Owner can enable Overage Billing.
  • The consumed API overage will be billed at the beginning of the next month on a separate invoice.
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