Verify the authenticity of signed documents

You can verify that signed documents created using our platform were not altered or tampered with. This can be done very easily and without the need to download the document directly from your Xodo Sign account. 

Alternatively, there is also an option to open any document signed with Xodo Sign in Adobe Reader on your local machine. Please note that this second option requires a downloaded version of the document.

Let us give you a quick overview of how to get your authenticity verification with either one of these options:

Verify your document within the Xodo Sign platform.

With the help of the WebViewer signature panel, you can verify the authenticity our your documents with just a few clicks. Simply choose any completed document in your account and automatically receive a verification of the signature authenticity. 


As you see in the image above the verification includes important information like the signature date and validation.


Verify your document using Adobe Reader 

🟢 Valid 🟡 Amended 🔴 Invalid

A green checkmark indicates that the document has been signed correctly, and you are looking at the original version.


💾 Download Adobe PDF

If you want to use Adobe for verification we recommend using Adobe PDF Reader (Download)

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