File Upload

Right below the three Document Type buttons, you will see the file section, where you can either choose a file from your computer (using the button or drag-and-drop) or connect to a third-party cloud service in order to upload your document:

Documents can be uploaded in the following formats:

  • .pdf (PDF Document)
  • .docx (Word Document)
  • .txt (Text Documents)
  • .png (Image)
  • .jpg (Image)
  • .ppt (PowerPoint)

💡Multiple Files

You can also upload multiple files and change their order using the drag handles at the top left of each uploaded file's box. Our systems will automatically merge your documents into one PDF at the end of your signing process.

Add Template: At the top right of the file upload section, you will see a "Template" button. Clicking this button will let you choose one of your templates in order to create a document based on this template.

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