Field Identifier

Field Identifiers are a way of unique labeling fields in order to be able to reference them easily using the Xodo Sign API. In order to assign a field label, select it and choose "Field Identifier" from the right-click menu. If you do not choose a unique field identifier for a field, Xodo Sign will auto-generate one.

Use cases with Xodo Sign API

It is a good practice to use field identifiers in your documents and templates since they can be useful for pulling data from the fields or while debugging error messages related to a certain field. 

If you are creating the template via the API, simply set the identifiers when creating the template:

"identifier": "firstpersonsignature", 
"name": "Signature",

Additionally, keep in mind that field identifiers are case-sensitive which means they need to be exactly the same in your request. They should always be stored with their case preserved and compared in a case-sensitive manner.

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